FX Matrix font family

FX Matrix is a font family inspired by the output of Epson FX 9-pin dot matrix printers. The fonts intends to resemble the printed output of an Epson FX-80 printer as exact as possible.

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As one cannot scale the dot size of a dot-matrix printer, the fonts are only original when printed at 10 pt.


The font family contains numerous font styles corresponding the the various print modes supported by the FX-80 printer. Because of that, the font names get rather long. All names are in the format

FX Matrix {dot size} {spacing} {pitch} {expanded} {double-strike} {underline} {sub-/superscript} {emphasized/italics}

with the following values:

placeholder value meaning
dot size 105 dot radius in percent of dot offset
spacing Prop proportional mode (yes, the FX-80 supported that)
  Mono monospace mode
pitch Pica 10 characters per inch (in monospace mode)
  Elite 12 characters per inch (in monospace mode)
  Condensed 17.16 characeters per inch (in monospace mode)
expanded empty  
  Exp halve horizontal resolution and duplicate each dot
double-strike empty  
  Dbl duplicate each dot half an offset below
underline empty  
  UL print an underline on the lowest dot row
sub-/superscript empty  
  Sub subscript mode (character width remains the same)
  Sup superscript mode (character width remains the same)
emphasized/italics Regular roman font
  Italic italic font
  Bold emphasized mode (duplicate each dot half an offset rightwards)
  Bold Italic emphasized mode with italic font

Currently only the 105 percent dot radius is released to reproduce some ink glasing of the print and to improve auto-hinting.

The FX-80 can’t print all combinations of the style options in the above table. The emphasized and double-strike modes are only supported with pica pitch and the sub-/superscript modes are only supported in emphasized mode. Proportional mode also works only in pica pitch is always printed in emphasized mode while not supporting double-strike mode. Only the styles supported by the FX-80 are provided for originality, although the creation script can principially create extra styles as well. But they won’t be original anymore.

Available Glyphs

The current version of the font contains only those characters that are supported by the Epson FX-80 printer. So no greek letters, no cyrillic letters and: no euro symbol.


For conversion to other formats you can use the intermediate FontForge files.


The font is distributed unter the SIL Open Font License

SIL Open Font License


Use gray text color for worn-out ink ribbon ;-)